Global See Consulting GmbH (GLOSCON) Security Services was established in 2004 and has since been operating from his global headquarters in Switzerland. GLOSCON’s core competences are escort service, guard and security service.

GLOSCON offers qualified protection and security services for commercial and private clients in national and international environment.

We provide highest quality customized security services based on our comprehensive knowledge and experience.

GLOSCON provides all prerequisites for your security. Our range of services covers the complete supply chain.

GLOSCON with its management and all staff members is committed to all demands that we have towards our own attitude and our actions.

Please feel free to contact us any time with questions about our security services.


CEO Gianni Astolfi, former member of the German Naval Special Forces Command joined the Kampfschwimmer unit from 1999 to 2002.

The Kampfschwimmer – literally " combat swimmers" – are the Special Operations Forces(SOF) of the German navy. They were established in 1959 and are Germany´s oldest special operation force. The Kampfschwimmer Company was activated as an operational unit in 1964. Their mission is to conduct special operations missions in the maritime environment in support of German armed forces operations. Maritime special operations fall into three categories: Special Reconnaisance, Direct Action and Support Operations.

He was in training with various special units:

GSG 9, German SWAT Team, KSK (Special Forces Command) (military), US Navy Seals, US Special Forces, Commando Hubert, Corps Mariners, Danish and Norwegian Fromankorpset.

Since 2004 he is in the Security Business and works for exposed families world-wide.

Up to today global activities expanded to:

Europe, Morocco, Libya, Brazil, Cuba, Thailand and South Korea.